Elevate Your Social Media Strategy With Facebook Pages Integration

Elevate Your Social Media Strategy With Facebook Pages Integration

Facebook is an important channel for developing a strong brand presence. With over 3 billion monthly active users and a high average disposable income among users aged 25 to 34, Facebook remains unbeatable.   Moreover, the 2023 Q4 Pulse Survey results found that Facebook is the most popular platform for consumers to upload and share content. … Read more

How to Use AI For a More Effective Social Media Strategy, According to Ross Simmonds

Welcome to Creator Columns, where we bring expert HubSpot Creator voices to the Blogs that inspire and help you grow better. It’s the age of AI, and our job as marketers is to keep up. My team at Foundation Marketing recently conducted an AI Marketing study surveying hundreds of marketers, and more than 84% of … Read more

How to Build an Inclusive SEO Strategy That Attracts and Converts More Customers

Welcome to Creator Columns, where we bring expert HubSpot Creator voices to the Blogs that inspire and help you grow better. I’m an inclusive marketing consultant and the founder of Thompson Media Group. I also follow a gluten-free diet for health reasons. When I go to a restaurant’s website, I’m wondering, does their menu work … Read more

5 SEO Success Stories to Inspire Your 2021 Strategy

Search engine optimization (SEO) may seem like a straightforward concept. You pick keywords related to your business, create content with those keywords, and you’re set to watch your site grow — a simple three-step process, right? Nope. While those are fundamental elements of SEO, it can actually be quite challenging to create a strategy that … Read more

Use The Tool For SEO & Strategy

With all the options on the market, deciding which SEO tools you want to use can be a bit overwhelming. There are many tools for keyword research, competitive analysis, keyword rankings, and all the other tasks we complete as SEO pros. The number of SEO tools available continues to grow, and it can be challenging … Read more

PPC Lead Gen Blueprint: Google Ads Strategy That Increases Leads

Looking to learn the secrets to lead generation success?  Want to know what critical mistakes to avoid when building your paid ad strategy? We’ve got you covered. On April 17, we’re teaming up with Redesign for a live presentation to give you the proven PPC blueprint to boost your leads.  Sign up to discover Redesign’s … Read more

4 Key Insights: How AI Is Redefining Startup GTM Strategy

AI and startups? It just makes sense. Between the prophecy of single-person billion-dollar companies, and the pinch felt by founders as VCs tighten wallets, startups are counting on AI for a winning go-to-market strategy. It’s a smart bet, too. In HubSpot’s survey of over 1,000 startup founders, 86% said AI has had a positive impact on their … Read more

The YouTube Growth Strategy Mr. Beast, Cocomelon, & Like Nastya Use to Dominate the Internet

YouTube growth strategies continue to be a hot topic among marketers. In fact, most marketers plan to increase their YouTube budgets this year and say the platform has the highest growth potential in 2024. Anytime you’re talking about YouTube growth (and I talk about growth a lot as the founder of Thompson Media Group), Jimmy … Read more

3 Brilliant Tips To Increase Brand Recognition Through The Use Of An Online Advertising Strategy

In the increasingly competitive and innovative world of the global digital economy, establishing a robust and comprehensive online advertising strategy is essential for businesses of all sizes across Australia that are looking to thrive in the competitive marketplace.  As a business owner in Australia, you will undoubtedly encounter numerous brands that are all vying for … Read more

2024 SEO Tools & Tactics To Refresh Your Strategy & Boost Performance

This post was sponsored by Ahrefs. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own. With AI taking the digital world over, constant Google algorithm changes, and growing competition, how can you shift your strategy to keep up? Constant changes mean SEO professionals need to find new ways to reach SEO success in 2024. … Read more

How LinkedIn Unlocked A Genius SEO Strategy With AI

LinkedIn’s Collaborative Articles features reached the milestone of 10 million pages of expert content in one year. The Collaborative Articles project has experienced a significant rise in weekly readership, rising by over 270% since September 2023.  How they reached these milestones and are planning to achieve even more results offer valuable lessons for creating an … Read more

13 TikTok analytics tools to boost your strategy in 2024

When marketing your brand on TikTok, you want to maximize your potential reach and overall performance. The best way to do this is through keeping a close eye on your TikTok analytics—monitoring your most popular videos, analyzing your audience demographics and using your findings to adapt your strategy. TikTok analytics tools give you more complete … Read more

YouTube is Our Highest-Converting Channel Thanks to Micro-Influencers: Here’s Our Strategy

My company, Galan Leather Co., sells a fairly niche product: handmade leather and wood writing accessories, plus other craft goods that writing and stationery enthusiasts will appreciate. Because of that, we’ve found that the most effective way to market to our audience is via very niche channels: specifically, micro-influencers on YouTube. Given our products’ aesthetic … Read more

Marketing Strategy – The State of B2B Marketing Pipeline Growth in 2024 [Infographic]

What are B2B marketers’ pipeline growth goals for 2024? How are they planning on meeting these goals? To find out, Pipeline360 and Demand Metric surveyed 400 B2B marketers in North America and the UK. An infographic (below) covers key findings from the research. It looks at marketers’ goals, what’s affecting the pipeline, and how to … Read more

2024 SEO Success Guide: Tools & Tactics To Refresh Your Strategy & Boost Performance

This post was sponsored by Ahrefs. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own. With generative AI and constant Google algorithm changes, how can you shift your strategy quickly enough to keep up? How do you stay on top of the latest SEO trends, while maximizing your site performance? 2023 has forced SEO … Read more

Why RevOps Is Essential For Your B2B Marketing Strategy

Revenue operations (RevOps) is an organizational approach that aligns teams, workflows, and strategies through a unified revenue lens with goals and metrics focused on revenue growth. In past years of economic uncertainty, the need to prove return on investment (ROI) has led many businesses to adopt RevOps as a cross-organizational strategy. However, its definition and … Read more

Marketing Content – Developing a Content and Social Strategy to Foster Thought Leadership

Are you striving to position your organization and its leaders as thought leaders? This episode with guest Ashley Faus sheds light on how to do that very thing by using content and social media. Faus, an expert on the topic, delves into the nuances of crafting a thought leadership strategy that not only caters to … Read more

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