7 Community Management Tools the Pros Actually Use [Expert Recommendations]

7 Community Management Tools the Pros Actually Use [Expert Recommendations]

Having a hard time finding clear info on community management tools? I’m not even a little surprised. “Community management” covers a wide range of jobs, and they’re not going to have the same software needs. After all, if you’re running a B2B product support forum you need a different tech stack than someone modding a … Read more

How I’m Scaling My Business with AI: The Exact Tools, Tactics, and Prompts

My purpose as a business owner is to help other small businesses scale in simple and sustainable ways. So, when there is a new technology that I think can help entrepreneurs get more done in less time, reduce their expenses, and increase their profitability, I am 100 percent for it. I see AI as being … Read more

The 49 Best Google Tools For Productivity & Marketing

Google might be a dominant search engine worldwide, but over the years, it has also experimented with many products and Google tools that make our lives easier. The very first Google tool was Adwords, launched on October 23, 2000. At the time, we couldn’t anticipate how much it would change the direction of commerce and … Read more

These AI Tools Upped My Productivity, Here's How

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Lost time is never found again.” While that isn’t exactly the most optimistic quote, it’s unfortunately true. Until scientists figure out time machines or immortality, we’re stuck with adopting methods to remain productive and better use our time. We can’t deny AI’s cultural renaissance. It has become a part of everyday … Read more

The Most Popular Email Design Tools: Figma, Adobe, and More – Litmus

It takes an email marketing team an average of 2 weeks to produce a single email. That’s two weeks of tinkering with email copy, email design, and email coding before it’s ready for approvals, testing, and finally, sending it out to the world. And at any given time, 46% of email marketers have up to … Read more

LinkedIn Rolls Out New Newsletter Tools

LinkedIn is launching several new features for people who publish newsletters on its platform. The professional networking site wants to make it easier for creators to grow their newsletter audiences and engage readers. More People Publishing Newsletters On LinkedIn The company says the number of LinkedIn members publishing newsletter articles has increased by 59% over … Read more

Google’s Stance On AI Translations & Content Drafting Tools

In a recording of Google’s June SEO office-hours Q&A session, John Mueller, a Google’s Search Relations team member, discussed the impact of AI-generated content on SEO. The discussion focused on two key areas: the indexing of AI-translated content and using AI tools for initial content drafting. As the use of AI in content creation grows, … Read more

How to Use AI to Market Your Small Business [+ My Favorite AI Tools]

Being a small business is both easier and harder than ever. Yes, the competition is tough, but there have never been more AI tools that can help you in almost every segment of your business. For example, I’d long wanted to sell merchandise with my designs. However, the thought of getting started and thinking about … Read more

MozCon 2024 Announcements: AI SEO Tools & Affordable API Plans

Today, at its MozCon 2024 conference, Moz announced a range of new AI-driven features and product updates. The announcements focused on modernizing tools to address the changing needs of SEO professionals. Ethan Hays, Moz’s General Manager, acknowledges that “the search landscape has seen more turbulence this last year than at almost any point in Moz’s … Read more

I Tested 6 AI Tools for Graphic Design, Here Are My Favorites

Graphic design has come a long way since I started in the arts nearly a decade and a half ago. Improvements in tools like Photoshop or my personal favorite, Procreate, from then to now have helped remove creative roadblocks and speed up the design process. Then, user-friendly design tools like Canva have made design more … Read more

How To Find Competitors’ Keywords: Tips & Tools

This post was sponsored by SE Ranking. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own. Wondering why your competitors rank higher than you? The secret to your competitors’ SEO success might be as simple as targeting the appropriate keywords. Since these keywords are successful for your competitors, there’s a good chance they could … Read more

20 Free & Paid Small Business Tools for Any Budget

Free and paid tools for small businesses save time, streamline operations, and, importantly, save money. From my experience running a small business, I know it doesn’t always feel productive to invest time and money into a new tool, but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. I know how overwhelming it can be to choose the … Read more

10 Best Design Collaboration Software & Tools for Creatives

Even the most creative people know the most innovative projects get done when you work as a team. However, working as a team can be difficult without the right tools to streamline and organize your workflows while keeping everyone informed. So, to help you work more efficiently with your team, I rounded up 10 of … Read more

Duda Website Builder For Agencies Adds More AI Tools

Duda has announced the addition of new AI assistant features that help digital agencies scale their website creation and optimization, making it easier for them to handle more clients without increasing costs. Duda Website Builder For Digital Agencies Duda is a proprietary website builder platform created specifically for digital marketing agencies that allows them to … Read more

16 Free Title Generator Tools For Writing Better Headlines

With audiences scrolling through content so quickly (on both search engines and social), an engaging headline is the first – and sometimes only – chance you have to capture their attention and get them to your webpage. I’ll admit it: When it comes to consuming online content, I’m typically just scrolling and skimming rather than … Read more

TikTok monitoring tools to protect your brand and scale your social strategy

Harnessing the power of TikTok is crucial for staying relevant and engaging with many audiences. The TikTok comments section alone is ripe with information brands can use to form stronger connections and improve their product or services. But navigating the dynamic landscape of TikTok can be challenging. That’s where TikTok monitoring comes into play. By … Read more

128 Top SEO Tools That Are 100% Free

Software makes the SEO world go round. From analyzing your website data to performing research, effective SEO relies on a series of tools to assist humans in decision-making. Paid subscription tools can be highly effective and usually come with support. But if you don’t have a large monthly budget, they might be out of the … Read more

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