The Top Traffic, Conversion, & Lead Trends in Q3: Data & Takeaways from 120,000+ Businesses

The Top Traffic, Conversion, & Lead Trends in Q3: Data & Takeaways from 120,000+ Businesses

When it comes to Q4, Halloween isn’t the only spooky thing haunting marketers. In fact, the most intimidating part of Q4 is the pressure to end the year with great results, while also taking on immense annual planning to start the new year off right. And, on top of the normal stressors of Q4, businesses … Read more

2023’s Digital Marketing Trends for Small Business

The recent turn of events has digitized business operations throughout the world. Business leaders from various industries are using technology to run their commercial ventures.  Businesses are extensively leveraging digital marketing to up their game. With the increasing advancements in this area, it is evident that this trend will continue to thrive as we move … Read more

TikTok Trends (and more) for CPG Brands to Capitalize On

As a small business owner, I understand the pains of trying to do it all—especially on social media. My company, The Creative Exchange (TCE), has helped direct-to-consumer startups and businesses take advantage of the latest trends in social media marketing. From mastering TikTok to unearthing old channels, TCE has been able to drive strategies that … Read more

How to Stay Up to Date on TikTok Trends

Knowing how to stay up to date with TikTok trends has helped me tremendously as a business coach, and I recommend this to all female coaches.  By now, you will agree that TikTok is one of the best and most profitable social media platforms for digital marketing, and staying updated on trends is a great … Read more

Small Business Search Trends On The Rise In 2022

A new report from Semrush reveals searches related to small businesses, particularly ‘opening’ a small business, are on the rise. The report details the business categories and specific search queries gaining traction and offers insight into what areas of marketing businesses are investing in. Data in the report is based on the keyword and search … Read more

8 Fun & Engaging Content Marketing Trends In Hospitality

Throughout the course of the pandemic, hospitality marketing strategies have had to shift dramatically. Consumer behavior, lockdowns, and travel restrictions have wreaked havoc with hospitality marketing messaging. Now that the industry is bouncing back, with more and more people itching to travel, it’s time to get creative with your hospitality brand’s content. Check out some … Read more

Email Marketing Benchmarks: Trends From 2021

Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) feature appears to have had a noticeable impact on email engagement metrics following its introduction last year, according to recent research from Campaign Monitor. Read the full article at MarketingProfs

2022 SERP Feature Trends & Tips For A Better SEO Strategy

Do you know which SERP features are trending in your industry? Is your business showing up in those SERP features? Are you optimizing for the factors that will generate the most traffic? The competition for prime real estate on Google’s search results page is fierce. On February 23, I moderated a sponsored webinar presented by … Read more

Google Search Trends Show How Customer Expectations Are Changing

A new report from Google contains data on how customer expectations are changing, and reveals what people want from businesses this year. Based on a comparison of search volume from 2021 to 2022, trends indicate that customers want things both sooner and later. If customers are out shopping in person then they want the ability … Read more

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