How to Make a Chart or Graph in Excel [With Video Tutorial]

How to Make a Chart or Graph in Excel [With Video Tutorial]

Building charts and graphs are one of the best ways to visualize data in a clear and comprehensible way. However, it’s no surprise that some people get a little intimidated by the prospect of poking around in Microsoft Excel. I thought I’d share a helpful video tutorial as well as some step-by-step instructions for anyone … Read more

How Corporate Video Production Can Direct Consumer Decisions

While search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing are complex and always changing, video remains constant in its ability to be a major traffic source. Video ranks among the most accessible forms of content to potential buyers. And integrating video marketing into your online marketing increases the chances that you’ll make the first page of … Read more

How Video Marketing from Creators Is Boosting Sales

When we write about combining sales and marketing efforts for business growth, we tend to stick to our experience and perspective as professionals in the industry. But how do your customers really make a purchase? That’s where video marketing from creators comes in. When I reverse-engineer the buying process of people in my surroundings, I … Read more

Most Efficient YouTube Video Downloader Available Right Now – Find Out More

Of course, YouTube is one of the most-watched streaming platforms out there. First launched sometime in 2005, YouTube is now the second most powerful search engine after Google. There’s so much to see – from TV clips and entertainment videos to emotional and gaming videos, there’s perhaps no niche that YouTube doesn’t cover. Naturally, a … Read more

Google Reduces What Triggers Video Thumbnails In The SERPs

Google added documentation to their Search Central pages offering guidance on a change in how videos are displayed in search results. The change reduces videos shown in search results for certain cases. The change affects video thumbnails that are show in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Google’s announcement explained the reason for the update: … Read more

How Video Consumption is Changing in 2023 [New Research]

Video is more important to consumers now than ever before. Our annual State of Video Marketing survey with Wyzowl shows that 91% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, more than any of the previous years since the surveys started. While video isn’t going anywhere, it’s constantly expanding, changing, and evolving to fit consumer … Read more

Dramatically Maximize Your Content Output [VIDEO]

TikTok Ad Masterclass Join Maxwell Finn, President of Unicorn Inventions and DigitalMarketer’s TikTok Marketing Expert, as he breaks down the Ford Method that will dramatically increase your creative output. Download The Ford Method Ad Checklist to follow along. WHAT IS DIGITALMARKETER: DigitalMarketer is the premier online community for digital marketing professionals. It’s a place where … Read more

Is AI the Future of Video Creation? We Asked Wistia's Head of Production

Video has become a cornerstone of modern marketing, landing front-and-center in many marketing strategies. Yet, despite being an ROI powerhouse and top lead generator, video is a hard medium to pull off. To state the obvious, video creation isn’t quick. On average, it takes marketers two weeks to create a video from start to finish. … Read more

8 ways to leverage short-form video (and how to get buy-in)

At the risk of stating the obvious: Short-form video is a big deal. Who hasn’t been scrolling through TikTok or Instagram Reels only to realize they’ve lost an hour? The fast growth of TikTok has influenced nearly every other social media platform to become short-form video platforms themselves. And this shift is putting pressure on … Read more

Lets Discover How Long Does It Take To Upload A Video To YouTube?

The focus of this article is, “how long does it take to upload a video to YouTube?” Being a content creator and uploading videos on YouTube seems easy, but there are a lot of things to understand and know. But, when it comes to creating videos, you already like the process, but what about uploading? … Read more

What Video Marketers Should Know in 2023, According to Wyzowl Research

It’s well established that video has been one of the breakout trends in the marketing world for the past decade. But what’s happening in video marketing right now? And how does its growth and success stand up to the twists and turns of a global pandemic? At Wyzowl, we’ve released an annual State of Video … Read more

Social media video content ideas to fill your content calendar

TikTok, Reels, Stories, livestreams—there’s a reason why video content is everywhere. Capturing that attention pays off. Up to 84% of consumers say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. Video is just downright popular; 66% of consumers say short-form video is the most engaging type of content. … Read more

Crop Video Online

Professional processing of video files and bringing them to perfection involves performing many operations, such as splitting a video series into separate frames or segments of the timeline, deleting unnecessary files, gluing them into single media products, as well as mandatory trimming of each file, provided that it is larger required length and contains a … Read more

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel With Justin Brown of Primal Video

Justin Brown says it’s not too late for YouTube. The founder of Primal Video, a video strategy YouTube channel with 1.31 million subscribers, believes you can still start and grow a successful YouTube channel. “There’s no other platform that’s going give you the consistent views for years after like YouTube can,” Brown says. Brown and … Read more

Improve Your Close Rate with The 4 W’s with Alex Schlinsky [VIDEO]

1. Where Are You Now? 2. Where Do You Want to Go? 3. What is the Obstacle? 4. What is the Urgency? Alex Schlinsky runs an entrepreneurial mastermind and mentorship community, Prospecting On Demand. His agency has won multiple awards and he offers a 5X ROI guarantee to all his clients. EXTRA RESOURCES: The … Read more

3 Video Steps for Beginners with Atiba de Souza [VIDEO]

Video marketing is skyrocketing, and it’s time for you to get started! Atiba de Souza, of Client Attraction Pros, teaches us all how to get started in this booming market. His top tip? Get in front of a camera and start talking! Just do it! Checklist Download Extra Resources: A Beginner’s Guide to Video Marketing … Read more

The MozCon 2022 Video Bundle Is Here (Plus, Our 2020 Videos are FREE!)

After three years and two virtual conferences, we gathered some of our best friends in the industry for the biggest SEO party of the year in Seattle — MozCon 2022. It felt great to be back in-person at camp MozCon, gathering insights and and watching tactical presentations from industry leaders, not to mention the opportunity … Read more

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