10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Social Media Content for Higher Engagement

At some point in your growth as a business, you encounter the need to increase your follower numbers and engagement rates. This area remains a ‘grey zone’ among marketing experts as they advise you to ‘set and measure your KPIs’ or ‘work on the quality of your content’. These recommendations are inherently blurry since they … Read more

5 Simple Ways to Get More Engagement

Increasing Tiktok engagement is the best way for every female course creator to expand their reach and get more sales, especially with the ever-increasing content consumption on Tiktok.  For business owners, Titok is the six-figure-making platform where you can make a lot of money by increasing your engagement.  Nothing discourages zeal like not having people … Read more

5 Ways to Charge Premium Prices — Even During a Recession

In a recessionary environment, discerning consumers tighten their belts and reduce costs. This can lead to slower sales for business owners, who often react by reducing prices in hopes of stimulating revenue. Yet price reduction can be a shortsighted strategy, as is explained in this HBR article. “Across-the-board price cuts can permanently erode a company’s … Read more

Why Is Brand Awareness Important? 7 Ways It Impacts A Company

Brand awareness refers to some points and knowing how familiar the communication tricks by which they can communicate with the targeted audience are with your brand and how well they can recall and recognize your business. Building brand awareness is crucial when it comes to promoting or marketing your company and products, particularly in the … Read more

6 Ways to Dominate Your Market by Merging SMS and Email Marketing

SMS isn’t the first channel that springs to mind when marketing. But it’s actually an incredibly effective channel to use. SMS has fantastic open rates, a brilliant response rate, and is great for customer engagement. However, it’s limited in terms of the more creative aspects of marketing (design, for example, or video) When combined with … Read more

8 Ways To End Silo Mentality & Increase Business Agility

When it comes to SEO, are the teams within your organization effectively communicating? Or do they seem to be working on their own island? How do you keep everyone up to speed while the digital landscape continues to change? Let’s start with something everyone in silos understands: Getting discovered online is essential to achieving your … Read more

9 Ways To Sell In China: Tips For Ecommerce Marketers

You don’t have to have an MBA from Wharton to spot the opportunities the Chinese market presents for ecommerce. The world’s most populous nation, the People’s Republic of China, has the world’s second-largest economy, with a GDP of nearly $16 trillion. And what’s truly astonishing is that most of its economic growth has occurred over … Read more

5 Ways to Deal With Negative Comments on Social Media

Life on the Internet can be stressful –  even more for anyone who’s selling a product or service. Negative comments and reactions on your social media are standard and almost expected whether you’re a brand or an individual. Receiving these comments is inevitable, but the important thing is how you handle them. Poor handling can … Read more

8 Effective Ways to Ensure Ecommerce Business Success

It is a known fact that the global consumers are favoring ecommerce, and the reasons for ecommerce business success are many.  According to a Statista forecast, the retail ecommerce revenue in the US is expected to cross 1.3 trillion dollars by the end of 2025. Image via Statista While brick-and-mortar stores are gradually losing their … Read more

6 Ways to Evaluate Online Business Courses Before You Buy

Online business courses can teach you practically anything you need to know. Finance, accounting, management, content marketing, copywriting—you name it, and you can find an online course for it. The recent exponential growth in online learning has led to a massive amount of new business courses, but that’s a double-edged sword. While it’s great to … Read more

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