How to Write a Letter of Recommendation [+ Free Template]

I’ve been helping people create letters of recommendation for jobs they want, internships, promotions, and more, for over ten years. I’ve learned during this time that if you’re not selling yourself effectively, you won’t make a lasting impression. A recommendation letter differs from a resume or a cover letter because it comes from someone who … Read more

How to Write an Effective Communication Plan [+ Template]

Guess what’s common among the top organizations like Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon? An effective communication plan. Be it the content strategy, a product launch, a campaign announcement, or a customer escalation, a robust communication strategy holds every part of your organization firmly. A survey by The State of Business Communication revealed that 72% of business … Read more

Artificial Intelligence – AI Can’t Write Thought Leadership (But It Can Do Something Else)

Hot take: All that content you’ve been creating? It’s not thought leadership. Or at least most of it isn’t, especially if you leave the writing to AI. In many marketers’ eyes, including many “experts,” content marketing and thought leadership are the same. But although thought leadership can be a pillar of your content strategy, it’s … Read more

How to Write an RFP for Grants – Everything You Need to Know

Beth Goldowitz, who’s been managing nonprofit organizations for the past 20 years, says that when “managed correctly, grants can keep organizations afloat. They’re stable and predictable, a revenue stream that the organization can count on for the duration of a contract.” But do you know how long it takes to write a single grant application? … Read more

Google Core Update: How To Write High-Ranking, High-Quality Content in 2024

This post was sponsored by Fiverr Pro. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own. Were you impacted by Google’s recent core update? Have your search visibility and rankings begun to drop? Even in the era of automation, quality still wins over quantity when it comes to search rankings. With the recent surge … Read more

DeepL Write: New AI Editor Improves Content Quality

DeepL, the makers of the DeepL Translator, announced a new product called DeepL Write, an AI real-time editor that is powered by their own Large Language Model (LLM) that improves content at the draft stage, preserving the tone and voice of the writer. Unlike many other AI writing tools, DeepL Write is not a content … Read more

How To Write ChatGPT Prompts To Get The Best Results

ChatGPT is a game changer in the field of SEO. This powerful language model can generate human-like content, making it an invaluable tool for SEO professionals. However, the prompts you provide largely determine the quality of the output. To unlock the full potential of ChatGPT and create content that resonates with your audience and search … Read more

5 Psychological Tactics to Write Better Emails

Welcome to Creator Columns, where we bring expert HubSpot Creator voices to the Blogs that inspire and help you grow better. I’ve tested 100s of psychological tactics on my email subscribers. In this blog, I reveal the five tactics that actually work. You’ll learn about the email tactic that got one marketer a job at … Read more

How to Write a Memo [Template, Examples & HubSpotter Tips]

When there’s a significant shift in the business landscape or an important win, it’s important to spread the word. A memo is the best way to get the job done. Unlike an email, your memo will go out to your entire department or everyone at the company. No pressure. (Well, maybe some pressure…) Before writing … Read more

How to Write a Video Script [Template + Video]

Videos tell a story. According to 92% of marketers, video is essential to their approach. So, the storyline should be effective, whether creating video scripts from scratch or using a template. Although creating, organizing, and editing compelling videos can be lengthy and scary, a good script can make or break the success of your video. … Read more

What is a Letter of Intent? How to Write One for a Job [+ Examples]

Standard job applications have a standard set of practices. You turn in a resume and cover letter, and then, if selected, you move through a few rounds of interviews and get the job. However, not all potential job opportunities start with an application. In fact, many begin with initiative from a job seeker. Those job … Read more

I Asked ChatGPT to Write 10 Different Marketing Internship Emails — Here's What I Got

I’ve never been more nervous about writing a job application email than when applying for my first marketing internship. I felt like everyone could tell I had no experience and was utterly desperate for that to change.  The jitters are normal, and I’ll help make it easier today by showing you exactly how to write … Read more

I Asked ChatGPT to Write 5 Types of Counteroffer Emails — Here's What I Got

You’ve made it through multiple rounds of interviews, the hiring team has selected you as their top candidate, and they’ve made you an offer. But you aren’t quite satisfied with all of the terms. This is where a counteroffer comes in. Counteroffers are expected. If you haven’t written a counteroffer email before or feel like … Read more

I Asked ChatGPT to Write 3 Marketing Job Inquiry Emails — Here’s What I Got

As a full-time freelancer, I’ve sent out hundreds of job inquiry emails. While I also reply to freelance role ads, I know first-hand that you can win some of the best projects by being proactive and running outreach. In fact, that’s how I started cooperating with some of the world’s most renowned brands. Just because … Read more

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