Instagram Reels vs TikTok: What You Need to Know

Wondering if you should use Instagram reels or TikTok? Both platforms are great for marketing, but you should know which works best for your unique goals.   Thanks to the spontaneous and massive engagement associated with short-form video content, TikTok is seen as leading in the world of fast, creative video content. However, Instagram is fast … Read more

How to Get More Views on TikTok

Keenya Kelly Keenya is the CEO of If You brand It, a marketing and consulting firm in San Diego, CA where she strategically helps business owners develop video marketing strategies Keenya decided to learn about the TikTok platform as a way to market her business during the pandemic. In just 2 years Keenya has grown … Read more

Understanding Hashtags on TikTok – DigitalMarketer

TikTok hashtags work differently when compared to  Instagram and Facebook. On TikTok, hashtags help get you discovered by your ideal audience, help you find your community and can increase your reach.  Since the workings of hashtags on TikTok are unique, you need to understand how the algorithm deals with hashtags and how you can use … Read more

TikTok Trends (and more) for CPG Brands to Capitalize On

Woman promoting brand on tiktok

As a small business owner, I understand the pains of trying to do it all—especially on social media. My company, The Creative Exchange (TCE), has helped direct-to-consumer startups and businesses take advantage of the latest trends in social media marketing. From mastering TikTok to unearthing old channels, TCE has been able to drive strategies that … Read more

How to Stay Up to Date on TikTok Trends

Knowing how to stay up to date with TikTok trends has helped me tremendously as a business coach, and I recommend this to all female coaches.  By now, you will agree that TikTok is one of the best and most profitable social media platforms for digital marketing, and staying updated on trends is a great … Read more

New to Buffer: Schedule Videos Straight to TikTok

New to Buffer: Schedule Videos Straight to TikTok

Newsflash! We have a brand-new integration that enables you to publish content directly from Buffer to TikTok. Read on for more details. You might have noticed that we’ve started talking about TikTok more on our blog, in our emails, and on social media. It’s arguably the most exciting platform for any creator or brand looking … Read more

Google, TikTok, & Others Agree To New EU Anti-Disinformation Code

Google, TikTok, & Others Agree To New EU Anti-Disinformation Code

Google, Meta, TikTok, and other tech giants reportedly agree to revisions of EU’s anti-disinformation code, which will have the companies share more information with the European Commission. A confidential report obtained by the Financial Times includes the details of an updated code of practice that some of the world’s largest tech companies have signed onto. … Read more

How Codie Sanchez Built a TikTok Following on “Boring Businesses” – Q&A

Codie sanchez tiktok

Codie Sanchez quit her job on Wall Street and became a serial entrepreneur and investor focusing on the niche of “boring businesses”— car washes, laundromats, vending machines, etc. She built a $30M portfolio of 25 of these businesses that produce 8 figures in revenue. Then she launched Contrarian Thinking, a content platform and consulting agency … Read more

Role Of TikTok In Brand Marketing 2022


Nowadays, TikTok is the most influential tool for businesses to target their potential customers. Since its launch, it has been buzzing the world with its entertainment and creative nature of the content. As a result, more brands are leveraging TikTok to create unique and authentic content. With an ever-growing audience, it offers a brand new … Read more

14 Punchy TikTok Marketing Strategies to Amplify Your Growth

14 Punchy TikTok Marketing Strategies to Amplify Your Growth

Oh, TikTok. Whether you’re a devoted TikToker or brand-new to the scene, we’re here to help you get the most out of the platform. Growing your TikTok account and boosting your business requires more than just catchy songs, clever filters, and an insatiable appetite to dance. You need TikTok marketing know-how—and we’re here to help … Read more