Social Media For Business – How Design & Aesthetics Matter

Social Media For Business

Once known as the tool to simply connect yourself with others, social media has come a long way. It is now one of the biggest marketing weapons for any business. Even before the mega launch of a business, having a social media presence can help you win brownie points with your new potential customers. Any … Read more

Does Demand-Driven Pricing Work? Fashion Brand Telfar Is Giving It A Try

Welcome to HubSpot Marketing News! Tap in for campaign deep dives, the latest marketing industry news, and tried-and-true insights from HubSpot’s media team. This week, fashion brand Telfar took its reputation for price accessibility to the next level. During its latest clothing drop on March 27, the brand began testing a dynamic pricing model, letting … Read more

CDPs, CRMs, and DMPs: What’s the Difference + Which is Right for You?

Access to relevant information is, without a doubt, the number one requirement for making good business decisions. For this reason, most companies use tools that help them gather and analyze customer data. There are three types of platforms that are particularly popular — CDPs, CRMs, and DMPs. But what do these abbreviations stand for? How … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide To Understanding Google Tag Manager

Are you struggling to know about the Google tag manager? If you own an e-commerce business or a website, it is natural that you would have come across this phrase a lot. However, still, most of you need clarification as to exactly what is Google tag manager? Well, to be precise, a tag manager is … Read more

What is Brand Salience? [+How Do You Measure It?]

While branding can feel like a vague concept, it’s one of the most important elements of a marketing strategy. Why? Consistent branding leads to increased brand awareness which can then help build brand salience, gain investors, and drive revenue to your business. Consistently presented brands are 3.5 times more likely to have excellent brand visibility … Read more

How To Create An Infographic In PowerPoint [+Free Templates]

To create professional-looking infographics and captivate your audience, you can benefit from learning how to create your own infographics in PowerPoint. PowerPoint can be a marketer’s best friend when it comes to visual content creation, including infographic design.  But it can be intimidating to create your own infographic when you don’t have a design background. … Read more

7 SEO Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Ranking

We’re all aware of how essential SEO is for any business, especially today. With the advent of digital marketing and social media skyrocketing, it has become imperative for business owners to consider implementing necessary SEO strategies. But what happens when they’ve done that, and their business still struggles? If, as business owners, it’s still difficult … Read more

7 of the Best Cities for Minority Entrepreneurs

Welcome to Breaking the Blueprint — a blog series that dives into the unique business challenges and opportunities of underrepresented business owners and entrepreneurs. Learn how they’ve grown or scaled their businesses, explored entrepreneurial ventures within their companies, or created side hustles, and how their stories can inspire and inform your own success. Innovation and … Read more

How to make a GIF (Photoshop, iPhone, Android & more)

GIFs are a great way to increase social media engagement by drawing attention to your social posts. These short, frequently humorous, looping, silent, animated clips are easy and often free to make. They are used to express emotion, reaction, and personality. But they can also draw attention to something, such as a product or brand … Read more

The 8 Best Free Flowchart Templates [+ Examples]

A flowchart template will help you easily map out business processes, improve workflows, and even clarify your organizational structure — without you needing to draw a single line from scratch. And if you think you don’t need to use flowcharts for business, think again. While bulleted lists, Word documents, or even presentations help, they don’t … Read more

Making Your Home Exterior Beautiful And Windows Replacement Oshawa

Homeowners often feel the need to work on their homes, especially the outside to make them more appealing. There are several ways to make your home’s exterior beautiful, including window replacement in Oshawa. The condition of the exterior of your home really matters when it comes to how people will assume your home looks. You … Read more

How to Do Market Research: A Guide and Template

Today’s consumers have a lot of power. They can research your product or service and make purchase decisions entirely on their own. Moreover, rather than talking to one of your sales reps, they’re more likely to ask for referrals from members of their networks or read online reviews. With this in mind, have you adapted … Read more

What Is AI Analytics?

Our 2023 Marketing Trends Report found that data-driven marketers will win in 2023. It makes sense, but data analysis can be challenging and time-consuming for many businesses. Enter AI analytics, a time-saving process that brings marketers the answers they need to create data-driven campaigns. In this post, we’ll discuss: What is AI analytics? How to … Read more

AR vs. VR: Which Is More Effective for Marketing [+Consumer Data]

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are talked about a lot. Understanding the concepts can get confusing as the terms are used interchangeably, but each has its unique set of characteristics and applications. In this post, we’ll break down the difference between augmented and virtual reality, their unique marketing applications, and how consumers feel … Read more

Choosing The Right Height And Style Of Restaurant Bar Stools For Your Venue

Are you considering outfitting your restaurant, bar, or other venues with bar stools? It can be a daunting task to choose just the right height and style of bar stool for your space. But don’t worry! With a few tips and tricks, you’ll be sure to find the perfect seating options for your venue. In … Read more

30+ Remarkable Twitter Statistics to Be Aware of in 2023

Twitter is among the most popular (and powerful) social media networks. How you leverage the platform depends entirely on how its members use, follow, post, and interact with what they care about. Luckily, there are new statistics to make your social media marketing decisions more manageable. So, how are people using Twitter nowadays? How are … Read more

37 of the Best Website Designs to Inspire You in 2023

Looking for website design examples? Your inspiration journey starts here. Deciding to create a website for yourself or your business is a big decision, but all websites are a culmination of many small decisions. And the best-designed websites are made by those who take the time to craft a visual experience that feels on-brand and … Read more

Differences Between Google Analytics 4 And Universal Analytics

How do Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics differ? GA4 is the new version of Google Analytics that is about to replace Universal Analytics, where you can get metrics, reports, tracking systems, and others. This is a short outline of the differences between the two. Google Analytics 4 is the newer version of Google Analytics … Read more

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