15+ Best Tiktok PFP Ideas – Get Profile Pictures For Tiktok [Guide 2023]

tiktok pfp

Your profile picture, or PFP, is much more than some simple photo. After all, it happens to be the very first thing that anyone will notice about your account – your PFP exemplifies your real personality. With a striking display picture, you can obviously attract relatively more users to your profile. Let’s discover 15+ Best Tiktok … Read more

Dark Mode Email: Your Ultimate How-to Guide – Litmus

Dark Mode. The tech industry started buzzing with these two words back whenApple added Dark Mode to its desktop email client in 2018.The following year, Dark Mode came to iOS Mail and other industry heavyweights, including Gmail, announced support for Dark Mode.  Litmus’ Trends in Email Engagement report indicates that of the opens tracked, about … Read more

Social media policy: A guide for your organization

From snapping selfies with friends to tagging favorite brands in our Stories, social media has become a large part of our everyday lives. Consumers expect brands to have an active online presence and the ability to answer any questions they have fast. But a poorly timed or worded social post could harm your brand reputation. … Read more

Instagram Stories: The complete guide for your brand

Instagram Stories have become a big deal. They’ve become so popular that 83% of marketers said they plan to use Stories for influencer marketing. They’re tap-friendly and time-sensitive, which makes them highly appealing to the average Instagram user. Moreover, changes to the Instagram algorithm has put a damper on organic reach. As a workaround, brands are … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to B2B Marketing in 2022 [+ New Data]

Effective marketing is difficult to get right. Between creative demands, budget limits, and channel decisions, marketers have a lot to juggle when developing their marketing strategy. The biggest determinant of effective marketing, however, is your audience. If you’re not properly targeting your buyer persona, your promotions and advertisements will likely fall on deaf ears. You … Read more

Mobile Form Design: A Beginners Guide to Converting Mobile Users

Think about a time when you were on the train, sitting in the airport, or simply lying on the couch, and you had to complete an online form on your smartphone. Did you ever pay attention to the mobile form design? Chances are you haven’t noticed. That’s the goal — to give users an intuitive … Read more

Color Theory 101: A Complete Guide to Color Wheels & Color Schemes

While text-based content is always important when seeking answers to a question, creating visuals such as infographics, charts, graphs, animated GIFs, and other shareable images can do wonders for catching your readers’ attention and enhancing your article or report. Knowing color theory and design can help you make content stand out. I know what you … Read more

Read the New Professional’s Guide to SEO Bonus Chapter: Enterprise SEO

In June 2022, the Moz team released The Professional’s Guide to SEO — a resource to help level-up anyone comfortable with the basics of SEO, who have some experience practicing it professionally, and who crave the challenge and reward of moving from intermediacy toward mastery. And now, we’re excited to announce a series of bonus chapters for … Read more

What Is ISO In Photography? A Complete Guide For Photo Enthusiasts

Photography is a fascinating framework for all enthusiasts. This one particular profession is an easy passion for many people. But, unfortunately, we live in a world where we tend to go with the flow, and we do not get much time or choice to find our career niche. It becomes very critical for youngsters to … Read more

A Guide To Organizational Nirvana

SEO project management is a strategic framework for promoting your website’s visibility, increasing brand exposure, and gaining credible leads through search engines. It relies on a comprehensive integration of SEO into an array of business workflows that ensure search optimization best practices are reflected throughout each stage of digital content creation and other processes relevant … Read more

Step-By-Step Guide To Earning Your Google Ads Certification

In a world where many people offer services like SEO and Google Ads management, it is important to stand out and be as educated as possible. Seasoned veterans and new professionals alike can both benefit from Google Ads Certification. As an industry standard with content tied directly to the Google Ads platform, it is the … Read more

The Beginner’s Guide to Instagram Reels for Businesses

A lady gingerly dips her hand into a pool of water. Hundreds of small fish – yellow, orange, and white – are lapping the pool. Seeing the hand, the fish scramble towards it in anticipation of what it might bring. The lady looks towards the camera, her smile radiant and infectious. This is the viral … Read more

Animated GIFs in Email: Examples & How to Create Them [Guide] – Litmus

As an email marketer, you’re always trying to improve your campaigns through the use of copy, design, and images. But with so much competition for subscribers’ attention, you need to get creative about how to entice readers to click through and care about your message. Enter: Animated GIFs in email. Email marketers are increasingly turning … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Bullet Points in HTML Email – Litmus

Are HTML bullet points useful in emails? Bullet points in plain text emails are an incredibly useful tool for content hierarchy. They allow subscribers to read the key elements of your emails quickly and easily. They are a great way to set apart important information from the rest of the email. As so often in … Read more

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