How to Build a Successful Online Community: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Build a Successful Online Community: A Step-by-Step Guide

Matthew Stibbe, CEO of Articulate Marketing, told me, “Community is not the cult of celebrity. It’s a reciprocal thing. It is about building connections, true connections, and developing those connections into relationships.” He’s exactly right: communities help you share your brand identity, engage with members to build and deepen relationships and help you share content … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Brand Awareness

Whenever I think about brand awareness, I think of companies like Apple, Nike, and Trader Joe’s. Have you ever heard people refer to themselves as “Apple people,” “Nike people,” or “Trader Joe’s” people? That’s what brand awareness does. It embeds itself into consumer lifestyles and purchase habits so that they don’t have to think twice … Read more

Organic SEO Strategy Guide: How To Boost Search Visibility & Drive Growth

This post was sponsored by Digitalinear. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own. In a world where consumers search online for nearly everything – from product recommendations to local service providers – your brand’s digital presence is everything. The right organic SEO strategy can boost your search visibility and drive sustainable business … Read more

A Guide For Local Business Owners

Local business owners consistently face a familiar digital marketing conundrum. With a myriad of options available and seemingly growing daily, including the recent introductions of AI into the mix, how do you determine the best and most effective approach for your business? To begin, most local businesses have two (or technically four) primary paths to … Read more

11 Powerful Examples of Dynamic Email Content [+ Guide] – Litmus

Not all email personalization is created equal.  There are varying degrees, from the basic “Hello, %%first_name%%” that many email service providers (ESPs) offer using merge tags, to more advanced methods that go beyond these standard methods—like email elements that are dynamically personalized at the time of open (think: live polls, countdown timers, and Interest Signals). … Read more

Mastering AI-Powered PPC Bid Strategies: A Guide To Maximizing Performance

Let’s talk about PPC bidding strategies. If you’ve ever felt like you’re throwing darts in the dark when it comes to picking the right one, you’re not alone. When I first started in Google Ads, the only bidding strategy available was “Max CPC” bidding, meaning everything was manual. Nowadays, there are many AI-powered bidding strategies … Read more

Boost Your Visibility Now: A Local Search Guide For Multi-Location Businesses

If you’re a multi-location brand looking to boost your local visibility and gain a competitive edge in the market, look no further. On June 26, we’re hosting a live webinar with SOCi where we’ll dive into the latest insights and best practices to help you enhance your local SEO strategy.  Consumers increasingly rely on local … Read more

Content Distribution: Your Everything Guide, From Psychology to Strategy

Content distribution is critical in getting your hard work in front of the right people, driving brand awareness and engagement. Why isn’t it just about developing awe-inspiring content anymore? Creators worldwide publish about 500 minutes of video to YouTube, 116 blog posts, 1,099 Instagram posts, and six new websites per second. And don’t even get … Read more

A 9-Step Guide to Writing an SEO Proposal [Free Template]

Imagine you have hundreds of files in a folder labeled “Important Files.” Some of the files are named by date, some by subject, and some by author. You have to sift through all of them to find a review of the new neighborhood pizza place. Without a consistent filename or organizational structure, you’re not going … Read more

Your Guide To Dominating Local Search Marketing

This post was sponsored by SOCi. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own. As a marketer, you may feel like the ground is shifting under your feet with so many changes in the world of search. From Google’s recent announcement to release AI Overviews to all U.S. users to OpenAI revealing GPT-4o, … Read more

Google Ads: A Quick Guide To Every AI-Powered Ad Creative Feature (And What’s Coming Soon)

I know, we can’t go two minutes without hearing “AI” – much like in the early days (years) of “mobile” and “social media.” In these early days of the generative AI era, creatives is an area where we’re seeing rapid development for advertisers. We saw this at Google Marketing Live this year, too, with new … Read more

Google Search Console Complete Guide For SEO

Google Search Console is an indispensable tool for SEO as it provides data about the organic performance of a website or page. Understanding how users search for products and services, measuring your site performance in the search engines, and getting recommendations for improvements are vital to SEO. Originally known as Google Webmaster Tools, Google Search … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Storytelling in Marketing & Business

I became a marketer because I love storytelling — a craft that I and many other content strategists treat like an art. Like all art, storytelling requires creativity, vision, skill, and practice. The result of this discipline? Marketing campaigns that really pull your audience in. When I think about storytelling in business, my mind goes … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing

If you’re looking for a video marketing guide, you’re not alone. Of all businesses, 90% use video marketing as part of their overall digital marketing strategy. And 68% of marketers who aren’t using video plan to build a video strategy in 2024. There’s no strategy like video marketing for educating, generating leads, and converting customers. … Read more

11 step guide for using TikTok for business in 2024

Learning how to use TikTok for business can level up your marketing strategy. The platform is home to over 1.5 billion users of all ages. But surprisingly, only 26% of marketers are currently using TikTok. Considering the massive user base and engagement rates the platform offers, there’s a huge opportunity for brands to capitalize on … Read more

The Ultimate New Hire Onboarding Guide That Actually Works

My first time getting hired — a college internship — wasn’t exactly memorable. Honestly, there wasn’t much of a new hire onboarding process at all. Instead, my boss gave me a brief rundown on how the organization was structured, what my role entailed, and what my first assignment would be. By the time I got … Read more

Optimizing Interaction To Next Paint (INP): A Step-By-Step Guide

This post was sponsored by DebugBear. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own. Keeping your website fast is important for user experience and SEO. The Core Web Vitals initiative by Google provides a set of metrics to help you understand the performance of your website. The three Core Web Vitals metrics are: … Read more

Search Engine Marketing Ultimate Guide (2024): Dominating the Digital Landscape

The digital landscape is changing at a faster pace. You must develop a better solution that can boost your brand value to a considerable extent. There are certain facts that can assist you to stay ahead of the competition. Search Engine marketing is good enough to keep your website ahead of the competition. You should … Read more

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