How To Use Header Tags: SEO Best Practices

Header tags are a fundamental element of web design and SEO, influencing user experience and search rankings. While often overlooked, these HTML tags provide a hierarchical structure to content, enhancing readability and navigation for human visitors. At the same time, header tags offer semantic signals that help search engines better understand context and key topics. … Read more

Google To Limit AI Overviews For “Nonsensical” Queries

Google has addressed concerns regarding the accuracy and quality of its AI overview feature in search results. The company acknowledges the criticism and odd results generated by the AI overviews but claims that the feature leads to higher user satisfaction and more complex queries being answered. As Liz Reid, Head of Google Search, continues to … Read more

26 Company Swag Ideas Employees Will Actually Like

Research shows that company swag can be a highly effective tool for boosting engagement. In fact, in one recent study, 61% of survey respondents agreed that promotional products help build brand awareness, and 58% reported that they loved getting swag. That being said, through my experience as the head of marketing at two different tech … Read more

8 Ways To Promote Your Facebook Page Successfully

​​Whether or not you believe that Facebook is still the leader of the social media pack, there’s no arguing that it remains an incredibly powerful tool for businesses aiming to enhance their online presence. However, creating a Facebook Page for your business is only the first step in your Facebook marketing journey. The real power … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Storytelling in Marketing & Business

I became a marketer because I love storytelling — a craft that I and many other content strategists treat like an art. Like all art, storytelling requires creativity, vision, skill, and practice. The result of this discipline? Marketing campaigns that really pull your audience in. When I think about storytelling in business, my mind goes … Read more

How AI Adoption in Sales Enablement Is Transforming RevOps

Listen NEW! Listen to article Sign in or sign up to access this audio feature! No worries … it’s FREE! The unique abilities of AI to make people more productive, such as by drafting otherwise tedious emails, have been expounded on endlessly. What remains to be seen are the long-term strategies for using AI that … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing

If you’re looking for a video marketing guide, you’re not alone. Of all businesses, 90% use video marketing as part of their overall digital marketing strategy. And 68% of marketers who aren’t using video plan to build a video strategy in 2024. There’s no strategy like video marketing for educating, generating leads, and converting customers. … Read more

International SEO For 2024: 9-Point Checklist For Success

Getting your international SEO strategy right can be an elusive feat. There are a lot more factors at play than people give credit for, and it’s often a thankless job. A successful international SEO strategy requires a deep knowledge of your company’s commercial strategy as well as technical SEO knowledge, cultural sensitivity, and excellent data … Read more

Website Homepage Design: My Favorite 32 Examples to Inspire You

Your website homepage is your company’s first impression for most customers, and first impressions are everything. Your landing page needs to make a killer first impression to encourage potential customers to stick around and engage. In this guide, I’ll share some best practices for homepage design along with brilliant homepage design examples that have implemented … Read more

Google Validates Leak, Igniting Questions Around Search Transparency

Google has officially acknowledged that some internal documents recently leaked online are authentic. The files containing details about data Google collects and potentially uses in its search ranking algorithms ignited speculation and analysis within the SEO community. Now, there’s a question of whether the leak will cause Google to tighten its already restricted communication channels. … Read more

12 InDesign Templates for InDesign, PowerPoint, and Google Docs [Free Download]

Of all landing page submissions, 55% come from lead magnets, and ebooks are one of the best lead magnets you can offer. You don’t need to be a designer by trade to design beautiful ebooks yourself. With the right resources, like free ebook templates, and the right approach, you can deliver valuable content to your … Read more

The Top 10 Content Marketing Skills You Need (Plus Tips On How To Master Them)

Want to reach more of your target audience, connect with them, and have meaningful interactions? Quality content marketing may be the ideal solution for you. But gone are the days of simply writing and releasing content. Effective content marketing requires various skills and strategies if you want to get it right. If you’re looking to … Read more

WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Joomla, Duda, & Drupal

The Core Web Vitals technology report shows that five out of six of the most popular content management systems performed worse in April 2024 when compared to the beginning of the year. The real-world performance data collected by HTTPArchive offers some clues about why performance scores are trending downward. Core Web Vitals Technology Report The … Read more

7 Google Alternatives for Search

For decades, search engine optimization (SEO) has been a critical component of any modern marketing strategy. But SEO doesn’t just mean Google: To the contrary, there are a number of alternative search engines worth exploring. I learned this first hand when I was working for a company with operations in China, where Google wasn’t accessible. … Read more

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