Google’s John Mueller On How To Verify An SEO Agency’s Work

Google's John Mueller On How To Verify An SEO Agency's Work

In a recent session of Google’s SEO office-hours Q&A, the Search Relations team addressed a common concern among business owners: how to determine if an SEO agency is actively optimizing your website. The Business Owner’s Question The discussion was prompted by a business owner who asked: “If I have an agency that is managing our … Read more

What SEO Should Know About Brand Marketing With Mordy Oberstein

For the SEO industry, the Google documents leak offered an important view behind the scenes. Although the leak was not a blueprint of how the algorithm worked, there was considerable confirmation that SEO professionals were right about many elements of the algorithm. From all the analysis and discussion following the leak, the one insight that … Read more

8 Challenges of Scaling Community Management (and How Pros Solve Them)

You lost that lovin’ feelin’. Fun to hear on the oldies station. Not so fun to hear from your community members. But that’s the double-edged sword of scaling community management, isn’t it? The better you do, the bigger you get. And the bigger your group gets, the harder it is to do the things that … Read more

SEO in the Martech Stack: How Tech Decisions Can Impact SEO

Organizations typically are a mixture of orientations that impact all aspects of the business from operations, finance, and marketing and sales functions. This also means it can influence the marketing technology stack, and subsequently, these decisions can impact the performance of marketing channels, including SEO. When organizations determine the technologies they want to use to … Read more

How the Martech Landscape Has Transformed Since 2011

The number of marketing technology software products has grown exponentially over the past 13 years, according to recent research from Chief Martec and Martech Tribe. The report was based on an analysis conducted annually of marketing technology products. The number of martech software apps has jumped from 150 when the first analysis was conducted in … Read more

How to Build a Successful Online Community: A Step-by-Step Guide

Matthew Stibbe, CEO of Articulate Marketing, told me, “Community is not the cult of celebrity. It’s a reciprocal thing. It is about building connections, true connections, and developing those connections into relationships.” He’s exactly right: communities help you share your brand identity, engage with members to build and deepen relationships and help you share content … Read more

New In Litmus: Enhance Your Email Protection Strategy with the New Email Guardian Dashboard – Litmus

Email marketers are no strangers to the exhilarating ride of their craft. One day, your campaigns are flawless masterpieces; the next, an important image doesn’t render or a crucial link stops working. The most frustrating part? Often, these hiccups are beyond your control. On average, email clients make updates every 1.2 days. Combine this with … Read more

6 Types of Online Communities Your Brand Should Consider Investing In This Year

When I started thinking about the different types of online communities that exist, I felt like the possibilities were endless. After all, new communities pop up every day. Some are free, some are paid. Some are public, some are exclusive. However, based on what I know about community management, there’s a smart way to categorize … Read more

The Three Pillars Of SEO: Authority, Relevance, And Experience

If there’s one thing we SEO pros are good at, it’s making things complicated. That’s not necessarily a criticism. Search engine algorithms, website coding and navigation, choosing and evaluating KPIs, setting content strategy, and more are highly complex tasks involving lots of specialized knowledge. But as important as those things all are, at the end … Read more

Why is Community Management Important?

If you‘ve seen other posts I’ve written about community management, you know I used to manage a Facebook community for a TV station where I worked as a digital journalist. My experience gave me first-hand knowledge of why community management is important and why brands should invest in it. Don’t believe me, well consider this: … Read more

Research Confirms Google AIO Keyword Trends

New research by enterprise search marketing company BrightEdge reveals dramatic changes to sites surfaced through Google’s AI Overviews search feature and though it maintains search market share, the data shows that AI search engine Perplexity is gaining ground at a remarkable pace. Rapid & Dramatic Changes In AIO Triggers The words that trigger AI Overviews … Read more

How to Prove the ROI of Community Management (According to Experts)

In a perfect world, my car would run on starlight and dreams, fries would taste good reheated, and we would never be asked to prove the ROI of community management. Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in — so I reached out to 3 different community management experts and asked how they show the … Read more

Best Practices For Academic Institutions

The competition for student enrollment has never been stronger. Many colleges struggle to stand out online and attract new students. Without a strong SEO strategy, your school remains hidden, and potential students won’t find you. This includes details about admission processes, available programs, extracurricular activities, and other tiny details that attract the typical student. A … Read more

6 Community Management Trends To Know in 2024

Brands build online communities around their target audiences. As consumer preferences change and technological advances offer more and more opportunities, community management strategies change alongside them. In this piece, I’ll go over community management trends to be aware of in 2024 and how you can adapt them for yourself. Community Management Trends in 2024 1. … Read more

Anthropic Announces Free Claude AI Chatbot For Android

Anthropic announced the release of a new Claude Android app that uses their powerful Claude 3.5 Sonnet language model. The app is available free (with usage limits) and also with paid plans. Anthropic Claude Claude is a powerful AI chatbot that offers advanced reasoning, can do real-time image analysis, and can translate languages in real-time. … Read more

Free vs. Paid Online Communities: Which Is Right for You? [Expert Tips]

A key decision when creating an online community is whether it’ll be free for members to join or if they’ll have to pay to access it. And, the model you choose can have a significant impact on how you end up running your community. This piece will be all about free vs. paid communities — … Read more

CMOs Under Pressure: The Unseen Challenges In B2B Marketing

A recent study of 121 B2B CMOs and marketing leaders has uncovered current marketing industry challenges. The study by Bospar, CMO Huddles, and Redpoint examines the concept of an “underground recession” in marketing departments and its implications for professionals in the field. Key findings include: Budget constraints and their impact on marketing strategies Changing deal … Read more

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