PPC Experts Weigh In On CPC Inflation

PPC Experts Weigh In On CPC Inflation

This is an excerpt from SEJ’s PPC Trends 2024 ebook, our annual roundup of expert opinions on what you can expect over the course of the next 12 months.  Inflation is hitting everywhere, even your ad auctions. This year, the contributors offer guidance on navigating these increasing costs. Some note that directly seeking lower cost-per-click … Read more

PPC Made Easy: 4 Strategies To Save Time With No-Cost Tools

This post was sponsored by Redesign.co. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own. Tired of overspending on PPC tools that provide more than you need? It’s time to get back to the basics. In This Guide 1. Become Proficient In Google Ads Offline Editor: Your Secret Weapon For Quick Edits 2. Master … Read more

Performance Max Vs. Search: A Non-Scientific Look On If It Competes And What It Means

In nearly 19 years in search marketing, I’ve seen search marketers get cranky about a lot of things. For a long time, the biggest pushback on something Google rolled out was the good old Enhanced Campaigns fiasco of 2013, when it essentially took away the ability to bid by device. (Google walked this back two … Read more

SaaS Marketing: Expert Paid Media Tips Backed By $150M In Ad Spend

In the face of growing challenges with customer acquisition, it’s important to know where to focus your ad spend. Do you know how to optimize for lower customer acquisition costs and pipeline growth that keeps your sales team busy and your CFO happy? Watch this on-demand webinar and learn a unique methodology for growth that … Read more

Google Ads Simplifies Reservation Video Campaigns On YouTube

Google now offers an easier way to set up reservation video campaigns on YouTube in Google Ads. To simplify reserved media buying, the self-service option in Google Ads includes several YouTube ad products, including YouTube Select Lineups, YouTube TV Lineups, and Cost-Per-Impression Masthead (subject to local availability). Screenshot from Google, December 2023 What Are Reservation … Read more

Unlock Global Reach With Microsoft Video Advertising And Netflix

Microsoft Advertising aims to lead the transformation of video marketing through partnerships with Netflix and top streaming platforms. In 2023, the emergence of Connected TV (CTV) and over-the-top (OTT) platforms is redefining the advertising landscape. During a recent webcast, Microsoft highlighted the significance of its unique tech stack, which provides advertisers with the flexibility to … Read more

Microsoft Advertising Offers Full-Funnel Solutions To Reach Fans

In the competitive world of advertising, connecting with enthusiastic audiences during sporting events presents a unique and lucrative opportunity for brands. With 31% of the US population engaging in digital live sports content monthly and similar trends in the UK, advertisers are looking to score big with fans year-round, not just during major events like … Read more

Key Levers To Steer AI in Performance Max And Boost Results

I often see comments to the effect of, “Google just wants you to launch your campaigns and let its systems do everything.” Let me just say as clearly as I can: no, that’s not what Google wants. As always, the marketer’s role is evolving, but that role is as important as ever. This also applies … Read more

Google Analytics 4 Features To Prepare For Third-Party Cookie Depreciation

Google will roll out new features and integrations for Google Analytics 4 (GA4) for first-party data, enhanced conversions, and durable ad performance metrics. Beginning in Q1 2024, Chrome will gradually phase out third-party cookies for a percentage of users, allowing for testing and transition. Third-party cookies, which have been central to cross-site tracking, are being … Read more

Microsoft Advertising Partners With Baidu Global For Chat Ads API

In its monthly recap of significant developments, Microsoft Advertising shared the latest news about its new partnership with Baidu Global, advertising opportunities, and Bing’s rebranding to Copilot. These advancements boost advertiser reach and efficiency, representing a notable expansion as the holiday season approaches. Microsoft And Baidu: A Strategic Alliance Microsoft Advertising advanced its commitment to … Read more

The 17 Best Ad Networks For Content Creators In 2024

In case you were in any doubt, we are now living in the creator economy. Content creators, influencers, and community builders now wield more power than ever before and have the ability to earn revenue from their craft in many different ways. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Content creators – whether they’re bloggers, videographers, … Read more

Customer Generation: Experts Reveal Paid Media Strategies For SaaS Success

Growing your customer base without draining your budget can be tough, especially in today’s dynamic market. With constant search engine updates and ever-evolving user behaviors, how do you drive revenue for your business while keeping your customer acquisition costs low? How do you know where to focus your ad spend for maximum ROI? If you’re … Read more

Automatically-Created Assets (ACA): AdsLiaison Answers 5 Top Questions

In a post on X, Google AdsLiaisons answered the top questions about automatically created assets (ACA). Now that automatically-created assets (ACA) for responsive search ads have rolled out in 8 languages, I wanted to answer some FAQs we’ve heard…. — AdsLiaison (@adsliaison) November 20, 2023 Google recently rolled out ACA for Responsive Search Ads (RSA) … Read more

Mastering PPC In 2024: Trends To Inform Your Strategy

Navigating PPC isn’t easy. No one has all the answers, but get enough experts together, and you can discover powerful PPC trends. Which is exactly what we did. As pay-per-click (PPC) marketing evolves with new trends constantly emerging, it can be hard to know where to focus your efforts. What worked for your PPC campaigns … Read more

How To Calculate Your Total Addressable Market (TAM) For Powerful SaaS Go To Market Strategies

This post was sponsored by Directive Consulting. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own. At a standstill about how to best market your new tool? Wishing you could accurately know which ads will return the highest qualified conversion rates? Does reaching out to businesses often end in learning that they’re not a … Read more

Non-Search Engine Online Ad Options To Target Asia

The Asian market is growing. Aside from the usual suspects, such as China, Japan, and South Korea, other Asian countries have grown their online presence in recent years. Many other countries, including Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore, have over 90% online user penetration rates. Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, and Pakistan have over 100 million Internet users. … Read more

How to Avoid Search Budget Cannibalization For A Better Share Of Spend

In my 18+ years in search marketing, one thing I’ve seen continuously is shared budgets. When I ask the advertiser why, I always get a similar answer: “We have a set limited budget, and this is the best way for us to fund everything.” That is a response I get from mom-and-pop operations and SMBs, … Read more

Navigate The Digital Landscape With These Upcoming Trends in Paid Search [Webinar]

The search marketing landscape is evolving rapidly with new technologies. This year alone, we’ve seen the rise of generative AI, new developments in automation and voice search, and the emergence of new ad formats. We understand the challenge that professionals like you face. How do you know which ways to innovate with your paid search … Read more

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